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Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set goals, persue them perfectly organized
and make dreams come true!

Time management is not for perfectly arranging and stuffing Your day.
Time management is for attaining goals and boosting Your success.

But which are better, effortless ways to become more productive? Obviously better calendars don´t improve Your personal productivity. But clear objectives do. Better strategy does. And a goal-oriented organization  does as well.

Now imagine these ways combined and extended by a wide range of powerful, solid practices and melted into a system of bits and bytes and outstanding know-how. This is meineZIELE in a nutshell. A powerful tool for success.

Goals and success

In the meineZIELE team we don´t measure success by saved seconds but by achieved objectives.  This made us call our time management software meineZIELE, which is German for "my goals" or "my objectives".

Today meineZIELE is the most powerful time management system worldwide. It is simple and effective. But all You need for Your personal management is on board. And what´s best: The quintessential, most powerful part of it is for free.

It´s not the clicks, which make You more productive. It´s the know-how. Now get to know, how good time management really works. How to get integral time. How to get an empty desk. How to improve Your strategy. How to be more successful.

Time management

Learn more about
how good time management really works ...

Eisenhower model

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Toodledo interface

Use the ingenius Toodledo Cloud service
to exchange tasks and appointments with
Your mobile devices ...

new functions, Toodledo

The Functions

Application range from daily time management
to long term strategy
with an unrivalled set of functions.


Set goals

Time management is not for minutes, but for objectives ...

outline goals Mindmap


How to outline objectives with an outright magical impact  ...


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