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Test meineZIELE now!Test meineZIELE now!

Please download this unique organizer system and test it.

Download Quickstart-Manual

Support in English is available: Please send an email or call us at +49 7802 5256, office hours in Europe.


The download file is the same for all versions, test version, mZ Free and updates included.

The functionality is controlled by the licence number.  There are 2 versions availabe: One with no installation process needed and one with a normal installation process as usual with other software. (Functionality is identical)

During the test period all functions are available. With the test volume expired mZ will downgrade to the free version mZ Free automatically.

Click here for Download meineZIELE 18.0 (no installation Just download meineziele.exe to Your desktop, doubleclick and it is up and running. (It even runs from a memory-stick!))

Click here for Download meineZIELE 18.0 (normal installation process, recommended for Windows 10)

Current Version: 18.0.6526

Test the SoftwareTest meineZIELE now!

meineZIELE runs with Windows Vista, Server 2003, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Apple-Mac: In Windows-Environment such as Parallels or VMware.

For the test version the data volume is limited, but all functions are available. If You enter data, You can continue to use them in a licenced version. After the test volume has expired, the program will continue to serve You with the function set of mZ Free at no cost and without time limit.

Questions, comments or suggestions?

Problems with Virus scanner?

Running without installation makes meineZIELE suspect to some virus scanners. There had been problems with avast and BitDefender. In such cases meineZIELE needs an "exception" entry. In case of problems please use the version for the normal installation process (needed in any case for windows 10) More problems? Contact us: Send an email .