mZ Phone

App for Windows Phone

mZ Phone – the meineZIELE (my goals) app for your Windows phone

Get goal-oriented and organized

Clear goals,
first things first,
documents always ready to hand  ...

Your organizer is only good if you are more successful as a result of using it than not. You are therefore better organized only if you have achieved more in the end. So use mZ Phone, the effective organizer - because behind it lays the powerful Knowhow success of meineZIELE.

Create clear goals, because direction is more important than speed. Only clear goals are achievable.
Finally gain a stress-free balance to your life roles. Experience that great feeling every evening: “The day was too short, but I achieved what was important. I can proudly go home.”
"Nobody can do everything all at once. But to do more of the important tasks and less of the unimportant ones: Everyone can do that. And that makes one more successful. Day after day.

Don’t ever forget a task again. Stay on track. And have each file and document finally to hand when you need it during every task with a single click.

mZ Phone puts all your goals and tasks (encrypted of course) on your OneDrive account.
Take photos of documents while on-the-go or whatever else belongs to your task. And then find these photos directly on your PC beside your task.

mZ Phone and meineZIELE

mZ Phone is free. Just like its counterpart on your PC, mZ Free, but with even more functions. Both work together perfectly. And should you need more, team work, projects, strategic considerations...: meineZIELE products offer you the knowhow and functions for organization, which will make you more successful every day.
More on meineZIELE…

What can mZ Phone do?

The basic principle is simple: Big goals are gradually broken down into small step-by-step actions. You then activate one or two of the most important tasks from each circle of life and all of your projects. From these, you select the Top 3 every day. Then you don’t stop until all three are completed. And then you start again from the beginning. This makes you more productive. Step by step, you come closer to your goals.

mZ Phone includes these organizational and prioritization functions. You can also take photos of documents and attach them directly to each entry (One-Step-Storage).

Setting up mZ Phone:

1. Download the mZ Phone app

2. If you have not set one up yet, create a OneDrive account

3. Try it out – click here for our mZ Phone usage instructions

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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