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meineZIELE is a Know How productmeineZIELE isn´t like other organizers. It´s not just powerful time management software, but a system of software and know-how.

Everybody knows, it´s not the axe, which builds a house. It´s the carpenter. And it´s not the clicks, which make You more successful. It´s Yourself und it´s Your know-how.

Improvements, as spectacular as those within reach for meineZIELE users don´t arise from the software tool but from the know-how it includes and brings to work. meineZIELE implements the crucial knowledge and methods from time management, strategy and organization. And meineZIELE is the very first software, into which this expert knowledge was casted as bits and bytes and which employs this expertise in daily life.

meineZIELE is thus a know-how-product. Clicks aren´t enough. You will have to challenge accepted customs. If You don´t want that, You should forgo meineZIELE.

Now, how much is it, You should learn? There are five points to be made:

1. The learning effort

... for the whole of what meineZIELE offers, is a lot bigger than for commonplace organizers and calendering tools.

But just as much is the prize.

2. There is an easy beginning

There are several levels in the software. The EasyMode is the basic level, which provides a big chunk of the benefits, but hides most of the more sophisticated functions, interfaces and options. This EasyMode offers an easy start. And there is a corresponding product version mZ Free, which is for free. Have a look to the manual ...

3. Methods and strategic concepts:

clean deskMost "methods for success" are outright simple. But despite their great value they are neither self-evident nor commonplace. That wouldn´t nurture legions of trainers and advicers.

You will be alluding to wisdom, which normally needs years to gain.

Some parts of the product will bring their practical benetis immediately. Among these are the outlining system for clarifying goals and tasks and the most useful 1-click-filing.

meineZIELE is kind of a training course. It provides an insight in superior methods and strategies, helps with training and makes all them work in daily life.  mZ isn´t just another calendering tool. mZ is build to accompany You and Your success for years.

4. How much time?

mz Free and mZ Easy are easy and have immediate effect. A lot of the enthusiastic feedback of our customers comes within the first two weeks. Obviously statements like "New job", "new appartment",  "30 percent more turnover" and even "child on the way" take more time. But success will arrive. meineZIELE will set You in motion.

5. There is more

There is a sophisticated English documentation containing much more than just where to click.

If You are not sure You will master this powerful tool without printed material, You should just test it.

Attain Your goals with meineZIELE

Set plain goals!

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