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Clean desk

A clean desk forever

Better not to tidy up!To tidy up is a mistake

How to get Your documents ready to hand?

To tidy up Your desk today is a task You will have to repeat every day. But there is an alternative. A clean desk forever.

Let´s say You brought in a 10 page draft treaty from a meeting. This is now on Your desk. You know, You will not do anything about it before thursday. Just put it on top of the heap. There it is ready to hand. Too often its going like that. But the heap will grow. A few days later nothing will be ready to hand.

How to do it better?

Leitz 5831What about a desk organizer? You put Your draft treaty into the first free pocket, say No 5.  Behind Your task "revise treaty" You note "5". Done. Repeat that for all Your papers and Your desk is empty.

use meineZIELEMaybe there are some exceptions. Thickish documents we would prefer to put into a hanging file. And Your collegue Belinda will need a second desk organizer. Therefore do not write "5" but "A5", when it is in the fifth pocket of Your folder and "B5", when it is in Belinda`s or maybe "H104" if it is somewhere in the hanging file.

Tired from searching for a free pocket? This is, where meineZIELE comes in. You will not do all that with paper and pencil, will You? You would prefer a clever time management software. meineZIELE will know, which pockets are free and which are not and will make suggestions. 

A clean desk forever

And computer files?

free deskmeineZIELE will manage Your PC files too. Scan with one single click. Whenever You You start with this task it is just another single click to bring Your document back on Your screen.

This will work with all of Your files, emails and contacts. Simple, effective and at lightning speed.

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